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Environmental performance of new sand making machine

 1. The internal circulation of the crushing chamber can absorb and utilize the dust and control the generation of dust. The airflow can be reused. The noise in the production process can be reduced to 60 decibels without high noise and harm to the human body.


sand making machine

2. In the process of sand making machine, it has the function of shaping, the product of needle-shaped sheet is greatly reduced, the product shape is excellent, the usage rate is greatly improved, and the production cost of the sand making machine can be reduced to 60%. , Reduce the consumption of resources and reduce the user's investment costs.
3. Add seals to the material inlet and outlet, and install the water spray device and silencer device, which can effectively suppress dust scattering, reduce production noise, achieve green production, and protect the ecological environment.
Efficient, versatile use of new sand making machine to add highlights
1. The three-level crushing is changed to two-stage crushing. The production capacity is increased and the crushing ratio is high. The hourly production volume of materials is increased by 50-100 tons, and the efficiency is improved.
2, the use of "stone stone" of the principle of crushing, the use of materials in high-speed rotation multiple collisions, friction, impact force to crush, can effectively reduce the wear of the fuselage, and will not appear iron pollution.
3, the production process is simplified, the structural design is more reasonable, the size of the discharge size can be adjusted according to the needs of users, can achieve dual-use gravel, not only can produce sand, but also can produce stone.