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What do you need to know to build a sandstone production line?

In recent years, the demand for raw materials such as aggregates for construction sandstone has increased dramatically. The investment in the sand and gravel aggregate production line is the choice of many investors. The equipment price of the production line varies from tens of millions to millions. How to effectively select the production line is one of the most concerned issues for many manufacturers. Here is a brief introduction to how to configure the production line:



First, environmental issues
Environmental protection is a very strict problem. The development of society and environmental protection cannot be slack. The production of aggregates of sand and gravel will inevitably have an impact on the environment. Zero pollution is a requirement of qualified production lines, damage to the environment and sand and gravel. Serious pollution of the aggregate production line will definitely be closed! Therefore, when selecting equipment for the sand and gravel aggregate production line, the environmental performance of the equipment should be considered. The equipment should be ahead of the society to avoid being forced to stop production and replace the machine in the middle. If not, the loss is imaginable, so the choice of sand and gravel production line equipment must be environmentally friendly.
Second, energy-saving type
The aggregate of sand and gravel must be considered energy-saving. Energy-saving performance is the basic guarantee for maintaining the normal operation of the production line. Just like people, it can't always consume the energy of our body. It can replenish energy in time to avoid problems and make sandstone bone. The material production line is to make money, and the difference in energy efficiency is a small expense for the production line that operates 24 hours a day, so it can't be sloppy at all. Moreover, any industry has a period of saturation, and the competition is becoming more and more fierce. The relatively cheap cost can make the company's later development invincible.
Third, consumable parts consumption problem
Those knowledgeable people know that the consumption of worn parts is a significant expense in the production of sandstone and aggregate. If the raw material analysis is biased when selecting a gravel aggregate production line and the equipment selected is not up-to-date, the consumption of worn parts will make you doubt your life. The new worn parts will not work in three or two days and must be stopped and repaired from time to time. In addition, the consumables themselves are not cheap. Therefore, when selecting the equipment for the gravel aggregate production line, it is necessary to select a suitable crusher according to the raw materials. When selecting the crusher, it is necessary to select a crusher with less worn parts and relatively low wear parts.