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Inspection precautions for each part of jaw crusher The efficient operation of the jaw crusher is inseparable from the daily maintenance of each component. Some wearing parts need to be replaced regularly, and some parts need lubrication. These are all things to be aware of. We understand how to crush the jaw crusher. Component inspection.

1, the strength of the rack is easy to check, because the rack type we first saw, the main role of the rack is to support the eccentric shaft and bear the reaction force of the broken material, the main items examined are strength and stiffness, especially See if the welding and the module are strong and uniform.

2, the lubrication system and adjustment device: the quality of the lubrication system is directly related to the working efficiency of the jaw crusher, and also an important system to reduce the wear of various components, should carefully check whether the lubrication system can work properly. Check if the adjustment device is suitable, whether it is easy to adjust, and whether the size of the nozzle is suitable.

3. Side guard plate and jaw plate: Check whether the side guard plate and the jaw plate are composed of the movable jaw body with impact resistance and high stability. In addition, the side guard plate is complicated to manufacture and is prone to omission, before the purchase. The side guards should be inspected for properness.

4. Transmission parts and eccentric shafts: These two parts mainly check whether they are made of high carbon steel and whether they are two aspects of babbitt casting.