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Cone crushing machine dust prevention measures

Cone crusher working environment is more difficult, in the process of crushing stones will produce dust, if the equipment seal is not good, the dust into the equipment will seriously affect the life of the cone crusher, good sealing device is the focus of each factory work, Here we introduce the bad dust under way will cause any impact on the device.


Cone crusher spherical bearing dust seal device, because the water seal dustproof device design is not very reasonable, if you have not been a thorough solution, there will be dust into the crusher inside, while entering through the bearing There will be dust attached, so that oil pollution, so that poor oil quality, poor lubrication, and ultimately lead to oil pressure, coupled with the existence of dust between the bearing surface, so that the gap with the bearing smaller, friction plus Large, so that bearing failure.


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If the problem continues to increase, it will make the cone crusher equipment failure of many parts, so that the entire equipment failure, there may be cooler water pressure higher than the working pressure, the cooler leakage. These problems, not only reduces the crusher efficiency, but also to spare parts, lubricants consumption increased significantly, and increased equipment maintenance. Plus the average cone crusher every 4-6 months to replace a lubricant, each about 5.5 barrels, combined 990kg, the use of each pump when asked an average of only 1-2 months, we can see the adverse dust Way on the equipment and system operation caused much impact.