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Factors Affecting the Production Capacity of Jaw Crusher

1, the jaw crusher material feed size: the size of the feed size of the jaw crusher has a direct impact on the actual production capacity of the role of the smaller the particle size of the material, the higher the crushing efficiency of equipment, production capacity But also greatly improved; the contrary, the larger the particle size of the crushing speed will be slowed down, the machine's operating rate has become slow, then the device's production capacity will become low.


2, jaw crusher is used to regulate: whether the use of equipment specification This is an important impact on the production capacity of the reasons for the equipment before the operation of the various components are carefully examined, if the inspection is not careful in the actual operation prone to failure, This will greatly affect the production efficiency. As well as in the actual operation of the feeding is uniform, continuous feeding uneven material too much or too little on the actual production capacity of the equipment will have a certain impact.


3, the material humidity: material humidity is actually the material moisture content, moisture content of the material in the actual crushing of the larger viscosity, so that the broken material will remain in the crushing cavity, and sometimes too high humidity material will cause Serious plug phenomenon, which will not only greatly affect the production capacity of equipment, but also damage the equipment, so in the processing of materials must be broken when the humidity of the material reasonable.


jaw crusher


4, the material hardness: the hardness of the material is the performance of the compressive capacity of the material, the material fragile its hardness is low, the other is the high hardness, low hardness of the material, broken equipment, broken, smoother process, so that the production capacity of the equipment Can be a larger upgrade. On the contrary, when the hardness of the material is high, the material is broken more difficult, the crushing time will be longer, the whole production process becomes more slow, low production efficiency, production capacity.


5, jaw crusher wearing parts: whether wearing parts have good wear resistance, wearing parts maintenance, replacement is timely, are an important factor affecting production capacity. Wear parts can greatly reduce the equipment replacement time, making the equipment running time is effectively extended, wearing parts maintenance and replacement is not timely, in the actual operation will directly affect the operating efficiency, or production failure , This will result in reduced production capacity of the device.