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Introduction of vibration sieve installation and commissioning

1, the machine placed in a solid level of solid ground (concrete or steel floor), through the anchor bolts (base bolt user-owned), fastening.


2, the spring set in the upper and lower seat (placed sieve), the spring should be fully into the spring seat, to ensure that the vertical, not twisted crooked.


3, the vibration part of the screen machine shall not be any other objects with the machine outside the hard connection or contact.


virbrite screen


4, turn on the power, press the start button (the machine can be directly activated), so that the vibration motor in the opposite direction of rotation.


5, the excitation force adjustment: vibration motor at both ends of the eccentric block for debugging, adjust the angle of the two eccentric body can change the size of its excitation, the screen machine before the shock has been transferred to the best condition, Directly into use, no need to make adjustments.

6, if necessary, can be adjusted as follows: open the motor at both ends of the protective cover, loosen the eccentric block of the tightening bolts, the two ends of the adjustable eccentric block for the same direction of rotation, so that the value on the bit Engraved line, this time is the required exciting force. After adjustment, tighten the bolts.


7, such sieve machine open, stop through its vibration area will have a more substantial vibration, in order to improve this situation, can be equipped with electrical brake device.