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Sand washing machine equipment routine maintenance

Sand washing machine equipment daily maintenance In order to ensure a good state of technology wheel sand washing machine equipment, ready to put into operation, reduce downtime days, good rate increase wheel sand washing machine, use, reduce wear, extend wheel sand washing machine Wheel sand washing machine, wheel sand washing machine operation and maintenance costs to reduce life, to ensure safety in production, wheel sand washing machine is to strengthen the routine maintenance work; do regular maintenance, mandatory, correctly handle the relationship between the two, Maintenance and repair use, only allows non-support, just repair support.


sand washing machine

Sand washing machine with a high degree of cleanliness, reasonable structure, large capacity, power consumption, less sand loss during the sand washing process, in particular the sand washing machine transmission parts are separated from water, sand, so the failure rate is much lower At present the community generally common sand washing machine, sand washing industry is the best choice for upgrading.

Sand washing machine equipment lubrication and maintenance of regular attention and timely friction surface lubrication, wheel sand washing machine work to ensure the normal operation and extend the service life of equipment. Carrying capacity Grease must be changed every three months. Clean the roller bearings carefully with clean gasoline or kerosene. The brackets and bracket pads come into contact with the wheel-type sand washer prior to grease initiation.