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How to solve cone crusher ring loose

At present, cone crushers have become the preferred equipment for crushing operations in many industries. The actual working environment of the cone crusher is rather harsh. In production, many factors will cause the equipment to have large and small problems, among which the adjustment ring looseness is a relatively common problem. To master the reasons for the loosening of the adjustment ring can better avoid this happening.

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The reasons for the looseness of the adjustment ring of the cone crusher are as follows:
1. The threads of the support sleeve and adjusting sleeve are worn out;
2. When the crushing operation is performed, the adjustment cap or skew iron key is not fully locked;
3, Cone crusher discharge port is too small or too large;
4. The crushing wall and rolling wall are too thick;
5. When the adjusting cap locking lever is broken, the cone crusher is still in working condition.
The above is the reason that the cone breaks the loosening of the adjusting ring, and it is hoped that the majority of users can master it and apply it to the actual operation to better avoid the looseness of the cone crusher adjustment ring and improve work efficiency.