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Jaw crusher structural design of the main requirements

 In the current crushing and sand making industry, the jaw crusher is a crushing machine with a wide range of applications. Its working efficiency is very high and it can bring high benefits to the company. Among them, the rack is the basis for the installation of the entire crusher parts, and it bears a large impact load during work. Its strength and rigidity have a great influence on the performance of the whole machine and the life of important parts. Therefore, the design of the rack structure is very important. Important, we must follow the relevant regulations. Generally speaking, the requirements for structural design of Jaw Crusher mainly include:


Jaw crusher

1. Material selection. The rack structure design should be based on the force, under the conditions of meeting the strength and stiffness requirements, and strive to reduce the weight, generally cast steel casting, minicomputers can also use high-quality cast iron instead of cast steel.
2. Arrangement of ribs. The position and direction of stiffeners must be adapted to the force requirements. For example, when Redstar is designing the frame, the direction of the lateral wall stiffener arrangement and the position of the stiffeners under the bearing seat are designed according to the characteristics of the respective parts, making the rack The structure is more reasonable.
3. Casting process. After the domestic welding frame has been improved in structural design and improved welding quality, it is undoubtedly the development direction for the jaw crusher to replace the casting frame with a welding frame.
4. Pay attention to the design of the rack side wall. According to the actual calculation of the jaw crusher frame, the force on the side wall of the frame is much smaller than the front wall, so the side wall of the frame must be designed according to the force deformation, and must meet the requirements of deformation.
5. Appearance requirements. In the appearance of the rack structure, it is not possible to unilaterally pursue beauty and ignore strength problems, nor can blindly strengthen the strength of the rack, resulting in increased crusher weight and wasted material.