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DP series single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher technical advantages

 DP series single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is a cone crusher with international advanced technology. It not only has high reliability, but also has high crushing efficiency, low running cost and good product shape. Combining mechanical, hydraulic, lubrication, electrical and other technologies, it represents the world's advanced crusher technology and has many advantages that cannot be matched by traditional crushers. It is widely used in crushing, crushing, and ultra-fine crushing in the mining and gravel aggregate industry. Such crushing operations are suitable for crushing various materials with hardness and medium hardness.


 DP series single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

1, optimized cavity type, higher yield, better product quality
DP series single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has a variety of crushing cavity types to choose from. By choosing the appropriate crushing cavity type and eccentricity, it can meet the customer's production requirements to the maximum extent.
The DP series bottom single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has support on the upper and lower ends of the spindle, which can withstand greater crushing force and greater stroke, so that the machine has higher crushing efficiency and achieves high output. In the case of the same diameter at the large end of the moving cone, the yield is 35% to 60% higher than that of the old spring cone.
In the case of full feed, laminar crushing can be achieved, resulting in better product shape, more cubic particle content, and more uniform product grade.
2, less consumption of wearing parts, low operating costs
The use of the hydraulic cylinder at the bottom to move the cone to adjust the discharge port can timely, easily and quickly adjust the discharge port, far beyond the performance of the spring cone crusher and multi-cylinder cone crusher. The utility model realizes various functions such as adjustment of the ore outlet, clear chamber, over-iron and overload protection; the crusher is operated under the condition of being filled with materials, reducing the consumption of wearing parts and reducing the operating cost. With advanced structural design, excellent reliability and low cost of production and operation.
3, the same size crusher crushing and breaking
Because the main structure of the crusher is the same, it is only necessary to change the liner to obtain different crushing cavity types, which can meet the different technological requirements of coarse and fine crushing.
4, advanced hydraulic technology makes the operation simple and easy maintenance
Thanks to the advanced hydraulic technology, overload protection can be effectively achieved, simplifying the structure of the crusher and reducing the weight. When a non-crushable object enters the crushing chamber, the hydraulic system can gently release the impact force to protect the host, and after the foreign matter passes through the crushing chamber, the size of the original discharge port is restored to avoid the boring car phenomenon. If the crusher shuts down under load (if it suddenly loses power during operation), the hydraulic cylinder can provide a large stroke. Simply press the button switch on the operation panel to quickly clean the material in the crushing chamber. Compared to the spring cone crusher, it is safer and faster, and it greatly saves your downtime.
The machine structure is simple and compact, all maintenance and inspection can be completed from the upper crusher, making maintenance more convenient and quick.
5, large feed port design
The S series of single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher at the bottom of the DP series adopts a large feeding port design, which can be better matched with the coarse crusher in the front stage to improve the processing capacity of the crushing system; it can be used as an alternative when processing river pebbles. Smashed as broken.
5, thin oil lubrication, reliable and advanced, improve service life.
DP series single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher working principle: DP series single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher structure makes the equipment adjustment is very convenient, even in the process of equipment operation, it can easily achieve the discharge mouth of any adjustment. Only a few buttons on the operation panel are needed to automatically complete the wear part wear compensation. At the same time, due to the use of a single-cylinder mechanical structure, the entire model is very compact, and a large number of oil lines and plug-in adjustment structures are reduced.