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Impact crusher installation method introduction

Impact crusher is a new type of high-efficiency crushing equipment characterized by small volume, simple structure, large crushing ratio, low energy consumption, large production capacity, uniform product size, and selective crushing effect. Very promising equipment. At present, impact crushers used in cement plants are available in single rotors and double rotors. The basic structure of the two is the same, the difference is that a pair of rotors and a set of rotors and strike plates.


impact crusher

Impact crusher installation method
1. The two rotors of the two-acting impact crusher are rotated by two motor's V-belts, respectively, and two are arranged in parallel. The first rotor is higher than the second rotor. Generally, the angle between the central line of the first rotor and the second rotor and the horizontal line is 12°. There are four rows of striking plates on the first rotor body and six rows of striking plates on the second rotor body. The striking plate is made of high manganese steel plates. The inner fuselage is equipped with a wear-resistant lining wrench. Between the first-stage rotor and the second-stage rotor, there is a partitioned counterattack that divides the interior of the fuselage into two spaces.
2. The counterattack crusher is equipped with counterattack wrenches at the upper part of each cavity. These counterattack plates are hinged at the one end with a suspension axis on the wall plate, and the other end of the suspension crusher shaft is connected to the outside of the fuselage and is provided with a spring device. You can adjust the tilt angle of the counterattack board.
3. The impact crusher has a leveling jaw plate at the lower part of the rotor. When the particle size of the material meets the requirements, small pieces of material are discharged from the jaw plate and transported to the gravel bank through the belt conveyor.
4. Impact crusher Double rotor drive device is a motor, hydraulic coupling, small pulley, driven by a V-belt rotation. The electric motor, the fluid coupling, and the small pulley are supported on a cast iron base with two bearings, and the base is installed on the cast iron slideway on the foundation so that the tightness of the belt can be adjusted.
The hydraulic coupling is filled with 10°-20° mechanical oil in the cavity. The pump wheel directly connected to the motor transmits the torque to the turbine connected to the small pulley, which reduces the torque when the motor starts. Torsional vibration during operation.
During overload operation, the fluid coupling increases the temperature in the working chamber due to the rapid increase in torque. When the temperature is higher than the low-temperature metal plug on the fluid coupling, the plug metal is baked and the mechanical oil in the chamber is ejected, so that the rotation of the motor cannot transmit the torque, thereby protecting the safety of the motor and the equipment.