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Vibrating screen bearing lubrication method and lubricant selection

 The importance of vibrating screen lubrication maintenance. As a key component, the lubrication of the bearing in the exciter affects the working status of the equipment to a great extent, so it is very important to do a good job of bearing lubrication and maintenance.

Bearing lubrication is generally divided into grease lubrication and oil lubrication. In order to make full use of the function of the bearing, proper lubrication and lubricant must be used according to the influence factors of the use environment to achieve good lubrication protection effect.
vibrating screen
Lubricant characteristics and applicable conditions
Lubricating oil has strong fluidity and dispersibility, so the oil-lubricated seal needs to be safe and reliable. The sealing device is more complicated than the grease lubrication, and disassembly and maintenance are more difficult. Oil lubrication is generally suitable for bearings that operate at high speeds or where bearing temperatures are high.
The choice of grease: There are great differences in the physical properties of different greases and adapting to the working conditions. Therefore, suitable grease types should be selected according to different working environments to meet their requirements. Under actual working conditions, the choice of grease is mainly considered from the aspects of speed, bearing load, and temperature of the bearing during operation.
The working speed of the exciter bearing is medium speed, and it will produce impact load during the working process. When the bearing is working normally, the temperature is generally in the range of 60-90°C.
In summary, the preferred sequence of greases for vibrating screen exciter bearings is: molybdenum disulfide extreme pressure lithium grease, extreme pressure lithium grease, universal lithium grease.