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Bluestone sand making machine has strong breaking ability

 Bluestone is a common name for limestone and is a stone with environmentally friendly properties. Bluestone is easy to use, has a large natural stock, wear-resisting, weather-resistant and radiation-free. It is an ideal material for construction, furniture and home decoration. Many investors are looking at its commercial value and began to purchase bluestone sand making machines to process bluestone aggregates for economic profit.

The bluestone processing and processing enterprises want to make greater profits in the highly competitive sand and gravel aggregate industry, and must increase the production volume while ensuring the quality of the finished bluestone sandstone.
Bluestone sand making machine
1. The brand double motor 75kw or more drive provides powerful operating power for the rotating shaft of the crushing chamber. The two motors drive two motors respectively installed on both sides of the spindle assembly. The two motor pulleys use belt and spindle necklace to make the equipment powerful. At the same time, the source also ensures the balance of the two sides of the equipment, and does not produce additional torque.
2. The hollow structure of the impeller structure made of special material is mounted on the upper end shaft of the main shaft assembly, and the torque is transmitted by the conical sleeve and the key joint, so that the impeller can rotate at a high speed. The material enters the center of the impeller from the center of the upper part of the impeller, and is thrown at a speed of 60-75 m/s by a high-speed rotating impeller, which impacts the wall of the crushing chamber and performs strong self-pulverization. This is another important reason for the strong crushing capacity of the bluestone sand making machine.
3. The structure of the vortex breaking chamber is an annular space composed of upper and lower cylinders at both ends. The impeller rotates at high speed in the vortex breaking chamber, and the material can also reside in the vortex breaking chamber to form a material lining. The quality occurs self-grinding.