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Sand making machine to be routine maintenance

 Sand control over the whole key to the manufacturing process of artificial sand, sand making for a long time if I'll work it will seriously affect the production of high-quality artificial sand, so sand making routine maintenance is very important.


Sand making machine

Check before driving whirl chamber observe the door is closed, to prevent the material from the whirl chamber observe the door out, dangerous. Check the impeller rotation direction, as viewed from the discharge port. Impeller should rotate counterclockwise, otherwise it should be adjusted to the motor wiring. Sand and conveying equipment startup sequence must be noted that the correct sequence should be this: nesting -> Sand -> feed.
Stopping the discharge device, it is timely to stop feeding, otherwise, will result in crushed impeller, burned the motor, the problem we will mostly be ignored, must pay attention to once again remind. We feed must be uniform, this we can often noted, because now are mechanized feed, is the last major stop working, the feed may be uneven, as little as possible to avoid this situation.
Sand must load starting to be carried crusher operating normally after feeding. Shutdown coincided with the boot sequence in reverse order. Feed particles according to a certain standard provisions do prohibit greater than the specified materials into the crusher, otherwise, it will cause an imbalance of the impeller and the impeller excessive wear, and even cause clogging impeller channel and center feed tube, so that can not normally Sand work, discovered chunks of feed should be immediately removed.