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Circular vibrating screen requires periodic inspection

 Circular vibrating screen periodic inspection including weekly inspection and monthly inspection.


Circular vibrating screen


(1) weekly inspection: Check the exciter ministries bolt, screen surface, bearing devices, when loose should be tightened. Check gear usage and locking bolts, check belt tension level, properly tensioned if necessary..
(2) monthly inspection: Check the screen surface wear, if found significant local abrasion shall take the necessary measures (such as exchange location, etc.), and retighten the screen surface. Check the entire screen frame, mainly the main beam and beam welds all circumstances, and carefully check the local crack. Check the screen box side panels all bolts, when the bolt found a gap and the side plate or loose, replace with new bolts.

Regular inspection coarse mesh, fine mesh and springs or without fatigue and damage, the body all parts are produced due to vibration damage, add lubricating parts must be lubricated.