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How to prevent rust on the mesh on the circular vibrating screen

Circular vibrating screen mesh as a very important component, due to the different choice of materials, the use of metal materials often because of storage or moisture cause rust, but rust after mesh sieve will directly lead to blockage of screening efficiency .


Circular vibrating screen

Steel rust problem mainly on the surface of contact with air, steel and moisture in the air reacts, such as a protective layer covering the surface of the steel sheet, isolated from the metal surface and the corrosive medium, thereby rust. Etc. can be coated with oil, Vaseline or paint on the steel surface, but also on the mesh surface plating, Redu, plating and other plating layer does not corrode metal, preferably chromium, nickel, zinc, tin, these metals due to oxidation and the formation of a dense oxide film can be cut off air and water corrosion of the steel body.
Rust on circular vibrating screen, then we need to use the material to eliminate the corrosive medium, corrosion inhibitor can usually be done in order to assist, usually need regular cleaning of metal equipment, avoid dirt grease, which requires users to have class equipment is kept clean, so to maximize the rust.