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The cleaning of the bearing should be paid attention to when using the river pebble Vertical Shaft I

There are many kinds of core parts in the river pebble sand making machine. The so-called core parts refer to the parts that play an important role in the production of equipment and are easy to wear, one of which is the bearing. This kind of parts have the production of equipment. It is irreplaceable, but because of its easy-wearing nature, there are many problems to be aware of when using it. One of them is to maintain its cleanliness. Here is a brief introduction to this problem.

When the bearing is in use, there is friction. If it is not clean, then it means that dust or other impurities have entered the bearing, then the effect of this friction will be greatly increased. At this time, the wear will be more serious, resulting in a decrease in the service life of the bearing. In turn, the production process of the river pebble sand making machine will be affected, or even the phenomenon of downtime. At this time, maintenance is required, which increases the cost of maintenance. In view of this phenomenon, it is kept clean during production. Reduce the impact on production and the increase in maintenance costs.



To maintain the cleanliness of the bearing, when the river pebble sand making machine is working, it is necessary to prevent dust, impurities and the like from entering the bearing. On the one hand, it is necessary to do the sealing work, on the one hand, to prevent impurities from entering the equipment. Internally, it is also important to pay attention to the anti-rust operation of the bearing, which is another effective way to reduce the damage.

 In addition, when the river pebble sand making machine is used, it is also necessary to pay attention to reduce the strong impact of the bearing. Otherwise, it will cause scratches, indentations and damage, and the maintenance and repair process of the bearing requires the use of suitable tools. It is placed in a damp place, which can also reduce its rust. The lubrication of the bearing should pay attention to the choice of lubricating oil, as well as the way and cycle of refueling. These aspects are of great help to the extension of bearing life. Help the smooth operation of the river pebble sand making machine.