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How to solve the unstable output of cone crusher

The cone crusher mainly uses the principle of laminating crushing to realize high-efficiency crushing machinery for coarse, medium and fine crushing of various ore materials. I believe that most users will take the goal of bringing more benefits to the enterprise when investing in the cone crusher. What if the cone crusher does not give force? In the production process, what if the cone crusher capacity is unstable?


First, what are the reasons for the unstable production capacity of the cone crusher?

1, material hardness
The hardness of the torn material directly affects the capacity of the cone crusher. Generally speaking, the greater the hardness of the mineral, the harder it is to break. The more serious the wear of the cone-shaped part will be, the more likely it will lead to the crusher. The production capacity is reduced, so it is recommended that the user should do the preparatory work before the crushing, such as the hardness and humidity of the materials.
2, the composition of the material
The higher the content of fine powder in the material, the more the crushing efficiency of the cone crusher is affected. Because of the fine powder, it will stick together or adhere to the broken wall when it enters the cone-breaking interior, which affects the normal crushing work. For materials with high fine powder content, screening should be carried out in advance. In other words, a material screening process is added before the cone crusher to remove excess dust to ensure the normal operation of the cone crusher. Will not be affected.
3, the particle size of the broken material
The particle size of the crushed material is also a major factor affecting the capacity of the cone crusher. In the production operation process, if the fineness to be achieved after the material is broken is very high, then the crusher needs to use more force when crushing the material. If the user does not select the cone crusher under the relative processing capacity, Therefore, the production capacity of the cone crusher will be greatly reduced. Therefore, users are advised to carefully check the cone crusher parameter table given by each manufacturer or consult the manufacturer's technical personnel according to the actual production required grain shape when purchasing the cone crusher. Select the cone crusher under the appropriate model specifications.


Second, how to do the cone crusher production capacity instability?
In order for the cone crusher to fully utilize its capacity throughout the production system, the following must be done:
1. Uniform feeding, when the material is filled with the feeding cavity and reaches the full feeding, the layer can be crushed and broken;
2, can not enter the large block;
3, can not enter the iron block, such as digging machine and forklift teeth, drill bits and other unbreakable things;
 4, good maintenance is also an important factor to ensure the high-yield operation of the cone crusher, so this requires the professional and careful operation of the operator.