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The reason why the jaw crusher has too much dust

The jaw crusher has a good crushing effect, but anyone who has used the jaw crusher knows that this machine often has a large amount of dust in the process of breaking, which spreads into the air, which damages the ecological environment and seriously harms the work. The health of the personnel, therefore, whether the problem of dust in the jaw crusher can be completely solved should be the concern of the ore processing plant. As a professional crusher manufacturer, based on years of research experience, tell everyone the cause and solution of the jaw crusher dust.


1. Analysis of the dust point of the crusher
    The dust source of the jaw crusher mainly comes from the feed port, the discharge port and the conveying system. The material to be processed is crushed and crushed by the crusher, and then sent to the next step through the conveyor. During this process, a large amount of dust is generated, and the concentration is very high. Under the driving of the airflow, the dust source is diffused to the surroundings. Causes serious dust pollution.
    2. Causes of dust production at the feed inlet
    The jaw crusher is not a fully enclosed device. In the feeding process, dust overflow will inevitably occur, resulting in a relatively high concentration of dust around the feed port.
    3. Causes of dust production at the discharge port
    The crushed stone needs to enter the conveyor through the discharge port. Due to the difference between the feed port and the discharge port, a part of the stone will flow into the air. At the same time, the stone powder will follow during the movement of the conveyor. Raise and spread to the surroundings.
    Understand the cause of the dust of the jaw crusher. In addition to optimizing the local structure of the equipment, the external force can also be used to control the dust source to avoid further dust diffusion.