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Introduction of daily inspection work of cone crusher


After the user purchases the cone crusher, in order to ensure the production life and the efficiency of the operation, the equipment is tested at intervals. So what are the testing tasks of the cone crusher?




1. The general inspection time is started after the equipment is finished, and after five or six hours of cooling.
2. The inspector firstly checks the flatness of the surface of the conical surface to see if there is any unevenness. If so, inform the technician to carry out the transformation.
3. It is found that unqualified parts or parts with deviations should be replaced in time.
4. For the operation of the empty machine with broken cone, before starting the machine, check whether the equipment is installed well. Everything is normal and can be turned on. During the empty operation, it is necessary to check the sealing, jamming, friction and impact of the equipment. And other issues.
5. During the test run, check whether the cylinder body has obvious sway, whether there is too much noise, ensure that the cylinder shakes no more than 0.5mm, and the noise is controlled within 85db.
6. After the cone is put into formal work, the staff needs to insert the special thermometer for the rolling bearing into the oil control of the bearing seat, and measure it once every hour, knowing that the temperature is stable.