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Introduction to the method of correctly installing the cone crusher

 1. Understand the correct installation method of the cone crusher


First of all, good at using the installation instructions of the cone crusher. Every cone crusher manufacturer has different equipment, so when installing the cone crusher, follow the instructions to find more reliable installation methods on the Internet.

Second, understand the structural characteristics of the cone crusher. Through the mastery of the working principle of the cone crusher, the structure characteristics of the cone crusher can be further understood, so that the cone crusher can exert greater crushing energy efficiency through installation.
Finally, the installation sequence of the cone crusher is clear. Only a clear understanding of the installation sequence of the cone crusher can be done in an orderly manner when installing the cone crusher, and can effectively avoid the trouble caused by the wrong installation sequence.



2. Understand the precautions when installing the cone crusher


     First, pay attention to the choice of installation site. First, it should be flat and wide, and it is convenient to transport ore. The second is to be firm and ensure that the cone crusher does not sway back and forth during operation. Second, pay attention to the inventory of all accessories before installation. In order to avoid the installation of a cone crusher due to less installation or missing accessories. Third, the lubrication of the cone crusher should be detailed and comprehensive. The cone crusher should be coated with dry oil on the fixed contact surface and thin oil on the movable surface. Good lubrication is the key to improving the life of the cone crusher.