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Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher Motor Installation Considerations


Vertical shaft impact crusher price sand production line configuration list Many consumers encounter motor installation problems in the process of purchasing sand making machine. Actually, the motor is installed, which seems to be subtle, but if a vertical shaft impact crusher is installed carelessly Will lead to the entire sand production line.

The steps for installing the vertical shaft impact crusher motor and the maintenance precautions are as follows:


It should be carried out after the installed drive shaft and gearbox. The high speed shaft of the reduction gearbox and the motor shaft should not be greater than 0.15 mm between the centerlines of the gearbox, and the belt coupling should be no more than 0.3 mm.


Vertical shaft impact crusher often affects production due to motor failure during use. The main failure phenomena are: fixed rotor core fault repair and rotor. The rotor is composed of mutually insulated silicon steel sheets and is the magnetic circuit part of the motor. The damage and deformation of the stator core are mainly caused by the following reasons:
(1) The bearing is excessively worn or poorly assembled, causing the stator and rotor to rub, causing damage to the surface of the iron core, which in turn causes short circuit between the silicon steel sheets, and the iron loss of the motor increases, causing the temperature rise of the motor to be too high. At this time, the tool is used to remove the burr, the silicon steel sheet is short-circuited, the insulating paint is applied after cleaning, and the heating is dried.
(2) When the old winding is removed, the force is too large, so that the stolen groove is skewed and flared outward. At this time, the tools such as needle-nosed pliers and wooden hoes are used for dressing to reset the teeth, and a hard insulating material such as green paper or rubber wood is added between the cracked silicon steel sheets which are not well-reset.
(3) The surface of the core is corroded due to moisture and other reasons. At this point, it needs to be sanded and cleaned, and then coated with insulating varnish.
(4) The combination between the iron core and the base is loose, and the original set screw can be tightened. If the positioning screw fails, re-drill the positioning hole on the base and tap the wire to tighten the set screw.