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Cone crusher can break up the hardness of the material

Cone crusher is well known as a medium-sized and fine-crushing mining machine, but a large number of customers do not know whether their materials can be crushed by a cone crusher. This involves the problem of the hardness range of the cone crusher. Let me introduce you.



1. Analysis from the nature of the material
     First of all, the cone crusher is crushed by the extrusion and wear of the material between the fixed cone and the moving cone, while the fixed cone and the moving cone are made of steel and have a certain tolerance to the pressure. Then in order to achieve material crushing, first of all, the material itself must have a certain degree of brittleness. For example, a material such as a tire cannot be broken by a cone crusher. And the key is that the material hardness should be within the acceptable hardness range of the cone crusher.
     2. from the requirements of the finished product analysis
     In fact, sometimes from the objective conditions, plastic, glass, etc. can be broken with a cone crusher, after all, the hardness is below the hardness range of the cone crusher. However, the cone crusher is quite famous for the crushing of ore. On the one hand, the cone crusher is designed for mine crushing. On the other hand, the cone crusher cannot meet the customer's requirements for materials like glass and plastic. Finished product requirements.