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What is the reason why the crusher of the cone crusher wears fast? With the development of the industry, the demand for crushers is also increasing. Among them, cone crushers are widely used for crushing hard materials. The crushing chamber is the most critical part of the cone crusher. It controls the particle size of the crushed product and the output of the whole machine, and plays a great role. Of course, damage is also the most frequent, especially wear and tear is often present. Today, Xiaobian tells you the reason for the wear of the crusher of the cone crusher.

1. High ore hardness
In the process of crushing ore in the cone crusher, if the hardness of the ore given is high or too large, the impact and collision force of the cavity wall of the crushing chamber will increase, and the long-term impact collision will aggravate the wear of the crushing chamber and cause damage to the crushing chamber. . It is recommended that the ore properties be controlled and not exceed the limits specified by the equipment.

2. Excessive residual material in the cavity
Although some accumulated material remains in the crushing chamber under certain circumstances, it is protected that the crushing chamber is not damaged by direct contact with the material. However, too much material in the cavity will affect the breakage of the material in the cavity, and there is not enough space to operate. However, the system will automatically increase the impact on the material, and of course, it will bring some damage to the crushing cavity, or it will be seriously worn. phenomenon. It is recommended that the proper accumulation of material remains in the cavity, which is not easy to be excessive.

3, the broken cavity is blocked
In the work, if the crushing chamber is clogged, it will not only affect the production capacity of the equipment, but also cause great damage to the crushing chamber. If the wear is serious, when the crushing chamber of the cone crusher is clogged, the material cannot be discharged quickly, and the fixed and moving cone parts still crush the material, and the impact and collision in the cavity are repeated, resulting in wear and damage of the crushing chamber. phenomenon.

4, the quality of the broken cavity is poor
If the material of the crushing chamber is too poor, its toughness and wear resistance are very low, then in the work, the use time will not last long, especially when the material hardness is too high or too large, it will increase the wear of the crushing chamber quickly. Reduce the life of the crushing chamber. It is recommended to use the original material configured by the original factory.

5, the feeding method is not correct
Feeding is a very critical step in the equipment. If the material is not put into the distribution tray at the time of feeding, but directly into the crushing chamber, it will cause great damage to the crushing chamber. Because when the material is not introduced into the cavity through the distributor tray, the steepness and slope of the feed are too high, which increases the inertial force of the feed, and it is easy to damage the crushing cavity or wear at the position of the crushing cavity component.