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Is it cost-effective to buy a second-hand cone crusher?


The cone crusher is an important equipment for the production of sand and gravel. As the demand for sand and gravel materials continues to increase, the sales volume of cone crushers is also increasing. For the purchase or addition of cone crusher equipment, investors in the sand and gravel field need to consider The problem. For the cone crusher, let's not say that there are many types, and some users have the choice of whether to buy a new machine or a second mobile phone.


1, the cone crusher new machine and the second phone price comparison
I believe that most users choose to buy the second-hand cone crusher because the price is cheaper and will be much more favorable than the new machine. However, some customers do not know how to purchase, may use the intermediary, so it is necessary to prepay a certain intermediary fee, increase the investment of the second mobile phone; for the direct sales manufacturer Jiaozuo Zhongxin, the network and offline sales model is adopted, eliminating the middle. The link, so the new machine sold will not be much higher than the price of the second-hand cone crusher, the purchase is more cost-effective.
2, cone crusher new machine and two mobile phone quality comparison
Used cone crusher Because the level of mechanics is different during use, the maintenance of the machine is not sure, there may be some unavoidable problems. For example, the surface of the fuselage seems to be intact. In fact, the internal parts may have been worn out seriously, or the quality of the internal parts may not be very good. Generally, the experienced users are basically unable to see it. After buying and using it for a period of time, it is found that the failure rate is high and the production capacity cannot keep up. And the maintenance cost is relatively high, and the new equipment will not have this trouble at all, the quality, the use cost-effective.
3, cone crusher new machine and two mobile phone fuel consumption comparison
Fuel consumption and power consumption are issues that must be considered when using a cone crusher. Generally, as the service life of the equipment increases, the fuel consumption will be higher. According to the calculation of 8 hours a day, the fuel consumption and power consumption of the second mobile phone are 45% more than the new equipment, and the cost and cost will be higher. From the perspective of fuel consumption, it is very uneconomical to purchase the second mobile phone.
4. Comparison of the service life of the new cone crusher and the second mobile phone
The cone crusher has a service life. Generally, the golden age is 12 years. If you buy a second mobile phone, the service life will be shortened naturally, and if the daily maintenance is not appropriate, the equipment life may be much longer than the actual one. The remaining years of use will be shorter, so the choice of new machines will be more secure for a stable and long-term investment development.