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Causes of bevel gear wear of cone crusher The bevel gear is an important transmission component of the cone crusher. Once it wears, it will directly affect the overall reliability of the crusher. Here we analyze the causes of the bevel gear wear of the cone crusher.

In the cone crusher, a large gear and a small gear constitute an important structure for changing the transmission direction to transmit the cone crushing moment. The running condition of the bevel gear directly affects the overall operation of the crusher. However, in the long-term overload operation, the bevel gear may be cracked or worn.

Below we specifically analyze the cause of the bevel gear wear of the cone crusher.

1. The material that is broken is difficult to grind. If the hard-to-wear coefficient of the material to be crushed is large and the impact on the bevel gear is large, the crusher may easily cause severe wear and tear of the cone teeth under long-time overload operation.

2. There are impurities in the bevel gear. In the cone breaking operation, the gears need to be closely matched. If the impurities are entered, the friction of the bevel gears will increase, causing wear and damage.

3. The lubrication condition of the bevel gear is not good. Good lubrication conditions are one of the effective methods to prevent the wear of all parts of the crusher. If the quality of the lubricating oil of the gear is unqualified and the lubrication method is not correct, the lubrication condition of the gear will be damaged and the wear will be aggravated.

4. The fit of the cone-shaped bevel gear is not suitable. Poor gear meshing is also an important cause of damage to the tapered cone. If the gear meshing is not good, the flank clearance and the tip clearance are not within the specified range, which may cause the gear to be damaged in a short time.

5. The unbreakable foreign matter enters the crusher. If the cone crusher enters an unbreakable foreign object such as an iron block, the failure of the iron-carrying device can easily cause damage to the machine components, especially the gear.