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Vibrating screen common faults and solutions In the production practice, mastering the diagnosis and treatment methods of the common faults of the vibrating screen is conducive to timely discovering the hidden dangers of the equipment, so as to carry out effective maintenance and treatment; good equipment maintenance is also a guarantee to ensure that the equipment is in a good technical state, safe and efficient operation. The following five types of faults are common problems in vibrating screens in actual production. If you are a user of this equipment, you may wish to collect them in advance for emergency use.

1. Maintenance measures for shaft breakage
From the above analysis, it can be found that the cause of the shaft fracture is not only the problem of the shaft material itself but also the human factor. To solve the shaft fracture problem, we need to start from the following aspects:
① When purchasing a shaft, you must select a regular manufacturer. The purchaser must also perform a detailed inspection of the product to ensure that the material itself has no problems.
② Do not drive the belt.
③ Strengthen routine maintenance and inspection, check the shaft regularly, and if there is any phenomenon such as bending or deformation, it must be replaced in time to avoid damage during the transmission process.
④ Adjust the tension of the V-belt to minimize the tension of the V-belt while ensuring normal transmission.

2. Maintenance measures for transmission failure
For this fault, you can start from the following aspects:
① Regularly carry out preventive inspection of the transmission part. During the inspection process, special attention should be paid to the longitudinal and lateral spacing of the bearing to ensure that the spacing meets the requirements. It is also necessary to add lubricating oil in time to avoid serious wear.
② Open the intermediate protection cylinder every 3 months to replace the flexible disc and the petal belt, and check the screws at each part.
③ Inspect the bearing support every week and add lubricant in time.
④ Observe the operation of the equipment. If there is an abnormal situation, it must stop running and carry out system inspection to avoid a bigger accident.

3. Countermeasures for excessive bearing temperature
① Make reasonable arrangements for the running time of the equipment, improve the operating efficiency of the equipment, avoid the equipment to work continuously for a long time, and need to shut down the equipment in time when the equipment is not needed.
② Regularly inspect the bearings and add lubricant to avoid excessive temperatures due to insufficient lubricant.

4, the response to the problem of oyster sauce
Due to the limitations of technical means, the problem of oil slicking of the circular vibrating screen cannot be effectively solved at this stage, but the amount of oil can be reduced as much as possible by necessary measures. Specifically, you need to start from the following two aspects:
① Check the vibrator regularly to prevent the vibrator from slipping;
② Select a higher concentration lubricant to reduce the amount of oil.

5, the countermeasures for the aging speed of the screen surface is too fast
Do the following three things:
① need to choose high quality screen surface;
② When installing the screen surface, it is necessary to tighten the screen surface as much as possible;
③ For screen surfaces that are aging and cannot be used, they need to be replaced in time to avoid bigger problems.