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The stone standard for highways? Which crusher is suitable? In recent years, domestic transportation has become more and more perfect, and new roads and railways have been opened along the route. The construction of these roads requires a large amount of gravel aggregates as the foundation, so a large number of gravel is needed as a support. The highway has high quality requirements for the gravel and artificial sand used in the construction. Only the stone crushing machine and the sand making machine can produce the artificial sand and gravel that meet the requirements.

Many people don't know how the real artificial sand is produced, so how does a large piece of stone turn into very fine sand, so today, follow Jiaozuo Zhongxin to understand the specific sand making process, to understand the artificial The difference between sand and natural sand, can you understand the advantages of sand made by artificial sander compared to natural sand? And what is the advantage of comparing other manufacturers Zhongxin Heavy Industry Sand Making Machine?

Generally, the large stones are blasted out from the quarry, and then the stones are sieved through the vibrating feeder to make sand in the sand making machine. The larger return continues. The crushing is carried out; the sand coming out of the sand making machine is also screened, and the large pieces are returned to the sand or broken, and the fine sand is filtered by the sand washing machine, and finally the remaining is the labor we need. sand. The advantage of artificial sand is that it can produce sand and gravel aggregates that meet customer and actual production requirements very quickly and quickly. Natural sand can only see natural sand produced, and many of them cannot be used, which does not meet the requirements of materials.

The advantages of Jiaozuo Zhongxin's sand making than other manufacturers are: we have a team of R&D personnel to research new sand making technology, develop sand making equipment, have professional technicians to carry out reasonable production line configuration, we provide good logistics, if your In addition to any problems, the production line can solve the problem quickly.