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How to deal with the phenomenon of cone crusher body heating Customers often call us to inquire about some cone crusher problems. Through the integration analysis, we find that most of the reasons are caused by improper operation and maintenance, and the body heat is a common problem. Jiaozuo Zhongxin technical engineer will answer your questions in detail. The reason for this problem.

1. The cone crusher generates heat by friction. Collision friction occurs between the components of the crushing equipment during the production process, and the body heat of the equipment is caused by long-term friction.

2. The bearing of the crushing equipment is seriously worn. When the bearing of the crushing machine is seriously worn, the bearing will not operate normally, causing the power of the equipment to become large, causing the body of the crushing equipment to heat up.

3. The rotor bearing of the crushing equipment is out of balance. The imbalance of the cone crusher rotor will cause the vibration of the equipment body to be too large, which will increase the friction between the parts, which will lead to the heating of the equipment body.

4. The amount of lubricant added to the equipment is not suitable. Excessive lubrication of the cone crusher will cause the bearing temperature to rise, causing the equipment to heat up.

It can be seen that the daily maintenance of the cone crusher is very important. It is very important to add lubricating oil and replace the equipment accessories regularly. Do not exceed two-thirds of the fuel tank when filling the oil. However, if the lubricating oil is too small or contains impurities and the lubricating oil is too thick or too thin, it will cause the body to heat up. If you have other problems, you can call us.