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What is the hourly output of the river pebble crusher? River pebble is a kind of natural stone. It can be used in many industries after processing and crushing, such as construction, railway, etc. These industries need a lot of sand, so the requirements for the river cobble crusher are still relatively high. The quality of the sand is good, and the output is relatively high. What is the hourly output of the river pebble crusher?

First, the main chemical component of the river pebble is silica, followed by a small amount of iron oxide and trace amounts of elements and compounds such as manganese, copper, aluminum and magnesium. It has the characteristics of natural stone resistant to pressure, abrasion and corrosion, and is an ideal material for construction, chemical and metallurgy. Due to the nature of the river pebble material, the river pebble crusher needs to have the characteristics of wear resistance and high productivity. Our company's river pebble crusher is specially built for the crushing of river pebble, and its performance is superior to other crushers.

The river pebble crusher puts the cobblestone material into the cavity by the interaction between the two parts of the moving and fixed parts. When the moving part is separated from the fixed part, the river pebble enters the crushing cavity, and the finished product is discharged from the lower part; The river pebbles between the two slabs are crushed, bent and split. Repeated operation like this, the pebbles of the broken river reach 1,500 tons per small amount. If the water content of the river pebble material is too low or its special condition is also 1000 tons per hour, it is a cost-effective crushing equipment.

The highest output of our company's river pebble crusher can reach 1100t/h. The output is the leading level of the whole industry. It has the advantages of long life and high wear resistance. You are welcome to call us for detailed information about the river pebble crusher.