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How to solve the material blockage of cone crusher For everyone crushers, material blockage is a common problem. Cone crushers are no exception, and there are many reasons for blockages. Many netizens report that they have a lot of troubles on this issue. Therefore, we will analyze the cause of blockage of the cone crusher.

1.Improper feeding
There are two main aspects to the improper feeding of the cone crusher. One of them is that the amount of feed is not appropriate. That is, the amount of material in the crushing chamber is too large, causing material blockage. If the feed material does not meet the requirements of the material properties, it will not only damage the internal parts of the equipment, but also cause blockage of the equipment materials.

2. Improper discharge
The correct discharge means that the discharge port does not change depending on the nature of the material. If the pulverized material cannot be discharged in time, it stays in the crushing chamber, causing the device to block the material. In addition, it also means that the crushing chamber has a range of exhaust outlet parameters other than blocks or other large non-comminuted materials. They cannot be discharged, causing the cone crusher to clog the material.

3. Motor failure
During the operation of the cone crusher, if the motor stops and the belt conveyor malfunctions, such as breakage, bearing damage or slippage of the drive belt, or even a burnout failure, the motor cannot normally power the crusher. Then it can cause blockage of the cone crusher.

4. There is debris in the crushing cavity
When there is debris in the crushing chamber, if the operator does not clean it in time, the material cannot be effectively broken, which may cause damage in the crushing chamber. The presence of debris also affects the circulation of the material, causing blockage of the cone crusher material.