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How to maintain the river pebble sand making machine River pebble sand is the most common type of engineering sand, and the sand making machine is the “backbone equipment” of the whole sand production line. Because the demand for engineering sand is relatively large, the equipment overload condition often occurs. This will inevitably shorten the life of the sand making machine. Therefore, the daily maintenance of the sand making machine is very important. The following Zhongxin engineers introduce you to the daily maintenance of the sand making machine.

1. Regularly let the river pebble sand making machine get sufficient downtime, and regularly observe the internal wear of the crusher, the center feeding pipe, the cone cap, the impeller upper and lower runner lining, the circumferential guard plate, and the wear-resistant The degree of wear of the block should be replaced or repaired in time if it is worn. When replacing the wear block, it should be replaced at the same time to ensure the same weight of the wear block. At the same time, it should also be noted that the normal operation of the crusher must not be opened to avoid dangerous accidents.

2, pay attention to the lubrication of the equipment, due to the adhesion between the components of the river pebble sand making machine, abrasive wear, surface fatigue wear and corrosion and wear, etc., are related to lubrication conditions. The addition of oily and extreme pressure anti-wear additives to the lubricating oil can effectively reduce adhesive wear and surface fatigue wear.

3. If the components in the river pebble sand making machine are loose, the equipment will be unstable. If the part falls off in the crushing chamber, it will cause the impact crusher to generate abnormal noise and vibration during work. Therefore, we should regularly check whether the components are loose, and if it is loose, it should be tightened in time.