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How to solve the problem of large noise of cone crusher The main job of the cone crusher is to break up the large rock. During the crushing process, the high speed operation and the violent collision make the crusher inevitably generate noise. This will not only affect the health of workers, but also cause certain harm to the equipment. Besides the improper installation of the crusher, there will be noise. What other reasons are there? Below Jiaozuo Zhongxin introduces the causes and solutions of the noise of the crusher:

First, the source of noise
1. The cone crusher generally generates inertial force during operation, which will cause the crusher to vibrate and cause noise.
2. The gap between the components of the cone crusher. For example, the main shaft and the tapered bushing are not suitable for the gap size. If the clearance is too large, the operation will lose stability, causing the cone body to vibrate and generate noise, and the cooperation between the eccentric bushing and the frame bushing. Clearance, too large a gap will increase the impact load, resulting in greater noise.
3. The processing precision of the cone crusher components is not high or unqualified, which will also affect the operation effect of the equipment, and the components will continuously rub and generate noise during use.
4. The cone crusher is faulty. If there is a non-crushed material in the crushing chamber, noise will appear. The belt will run out of noise and noise will occur. The host imbalance will also cause noise during high-speed operation.

Second, the solution
1. Ensure that the bevel gears of the cone crusher are properly meshed, eliminate the reciprocating sliding and impact between the gears, extend the service life of the gears, and fundamentally eliminate the noise source.
2. Ensure that the matching gap between the main shaft of the cone crusher and the eccentric bushing and the frame bushing is within a reasonable range, and the gap should not be too large or too small.
3. Increase the accuracy of the bevel gear of the cone crusher, pay attention to whether the quality is qualified, ensure the uniform contact area of ​​the gear, extend the service life of the gear and avoid noise.
4. Install shock-absorbing equipment on the base of the crusher, or make a shock-absorbing ground and foundation. Try to select a stable place during installation.
5, usually pay more attention to the maintenance of cone crusher, regularly check the use of parts, and replace damaged parts in time.