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How to deal with jaw crusher suddenly shut down

Jaw crusher sudden shutdown will cause great damage to the equipment, affecting the normal operation of equipment, reduce its production, in the production process should be based on jaw crusher for broken material requirements, to the crushing chamber Can be evenly put into the appropriate materials, the input of the material can not be too much, the best of the water-containing materials for pre-treatment. At the same time, to prohibit non-broken hard objects into the crushing chamber, otherwise it will cause great damage to the equipment, or even forced to stop jaw crusher.
Regularly check V-belt tightness. Triangle belt is too loose can not provide enough power to run the equipment, too tight will make the belt particularly vulnerable to fracture, will also affect the operation of jaw crusher. Therefore, every time you start the machine, as well as the crushing process of equipment, should pay attention to check the belt is appropriate degree of tightness.


jaw crusher

If thejaw crusher operating voltage is unstable or too low, it is easy to stop the device. Therefore, should regularly check the jaw crusher operating voltage, timely adjustment to meet the requirements of host operating voltage.
If the eccentric shaft tightening bushing loose will cause eccentric shaft stuck, resulting in equipment downtime. In addition, if any other parts loosening, will affect the normal operation of the equipment. Therefore, the production should be careful to check whether the loosening of parts, to ensure that the components of a solid installation.