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The correct feeding method of cone crusher Cone crusher is a kind of crushing machinery and equipment commonly used in mine crushing and stone crushing. The correct feeding method will not cause blockage during operation. So what should we do when the cone crusher shows partial blockage of the feedstock?

Because the feed size is not uniform, the transition between the feed hopper and the feed opening forms a right angle, especially when the degree of dryness and wetness of the ore changes, it constitutes a blockage. The correct feeding method and the splitting of the cone crusher Combination of the disc and the feed box will help ensure that the fully mixed material is evenly distributed along the entire crushing cavity. The segregation of fine materials and coarse materials should be kept as small as possible to minimize the wear of the liner. Regardless of the type of cone crusher, if the material condition is not very good, it is recommended to screen before crushing.
In addition to screening before crushing, iron removal equipment is installed near the equipment to prevent metal from falling and causing blockage. And pay attention to controlling the speed of the material in the feeding process, and advocate adding a skewed arc-shaped liner to the front end of the mine hopper, so that the material will shake off to the arc-shaped liner and slide into the material port freely along the liner. The discharge chamber of the cone crusher should have an inspection hole for picking up and checking inside. A partition is set in the discharge chamber to withstand the impact of falling ore. The partition absorbs * of the impact force of the material falling on the transportation equipment, and then increases the service life of the equipment.