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What is the difference between coarse jaw crusher and fine jaw crusher Jaw crusher, referred to as jaw crusher, is a commonly used crushing equipment in many mines and gravel plants. It can be used for crushing operations alone or in combination with other production equipment. It can be described as a small crushing expert. What is the difference between coarse and fine jaws?

1, Appearance differences
Although both the thick and thin jaws are in the shape of a cube, the shape of the thick jaw is thin and tall, while the shape of the thin jaw is short and wide, and the corresponding size of each part is also different.

2, Export differences
The outlet of the coarse jaw is wide and the discharge size is large; the discharge port of the fine jaw is provided with small discharge particles. The granularity of the coarse jaw crusher is 15-350mm, and the granularity of the fine jaw crusher is 18-90mm.

3, Yield difference
The coarse jaw crusher has a large feeding port and a high crushing output per hour. The PE series coarse jaw crusher has a high output of 1,000 tons; the fine crushing jaw crusher crushes the material relatively finely and needs to be repeatedly ground. up to 105 tons.

4, Differences in application fields
It is used in the coarse crushing process, that is, 1200mm, which is larger in the coarse crushing process; the jaw type fine crushing is generally a secondary crushing equipment. For crushed and coarse crushed stone, the bulk feed is 250mm.