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Imapct crusher blocking material solutions

Impact crusher in the industry is widely used, it has high efficiency, high yield, advanced technology and so on. However, due to the use of large-scale impact crusher, in the course of the use of inevitable sudden failure, it is normal, if we can correctly handle the problem can be resolved in a timely manner.


Impact crusher


Zhongxin Heavy Industries engineers to remind you that when the impact crusher failure, we must promptly solve the problem, otherwise it may lead to greater problems, more harm than good.


Before using the impact crusher, please read the operation precautions carefully, to avoid improper operation caused by the situation of material clogging. In the counterattack plate and the feed port equipped with heating device to solve the material due to excessive moisture stick in the impact crusher caused by material clogging. To avoid overload work, according to the processing capacity of the machine to adjust the feed rate. Ensure that the material meets the size and hardness specified by the counter crusher.