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The solution of circular vibrating screen at the bottom of the box

Circular vibrating screen from top to bottom with dust cover, small V seals, small v-beam ring, the top screen frame, letter grid, large U seals, large U-shaped ring, bottom frame, small V seals , Small V ring, exciter, vibration motor, shock absorber spring, bottom bracket composition.


The most critical part of the ring is between the excitement and the bottom of the box with a start under the frame to follow the vibration generated by the three-dimensional vibration generated by the 360-degree rotation. Do not stop the rotation will produce small V seal damage, small beam ring with the jitter caused by the material on the screen can not be effective and reasonable screening process. The following is the company's technical staff after years of accumulated experience and research to come up with effective solutions, and share with you:


circular vibrating screen

1, remove the bottom of the box into a new small V seals, to ensure the combination of stability.

2, take a look at the small beam bolt is not damaged; has been damaged immediately put on a new bolt, strengthen the tightening strength.

3, in the installation of the bottom frame to lock the small beam ring at the same time to wear rubber with a small ring beat a week to knock a circle; to prevent the boot when the loose.

4, small beam ring on the spiral with a wrench to the highest point, so as to avoid loosening of the bolt damage.

5, after the boot machine to observe the normal operation of the machine for 15 minutes to prevent loosening.