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Talk about the impact crusher maintenance lubrication points

In the machinery industry for a long time people know that all the machinery and equipment used after a period of time need maintenance and regular inspection, the maintenance of the most important one is the lubrication machine,  impact crusher lubrication work, we must comply with lubrication Instructions to carry out, to ensure that the crusher normal and efficient work.


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First of all, the operator in their daily work, to pay attention to regularly and in time to do a good job of counter-impact crusher friction surface lubrication work; different places, different climate, the use of lubricants is not the same, and secondly, when the crusher Work 8 hours, it is necessary to add grease in the bearing grease once, the use of molybdenum disulfide grease to lubricate the bearings at both ends of the spindle; Finally, three months on a regular basis to replace the oil, in the oil before the need to use clean gasoline or kerosene The bearings will be carefully cleaned, the new injection of lubricating oil is best controlled in the bearing cavity volume of 50 to 70%. Under normal circumstances bearing temperature not more than 35 ℃, when the temperature exceeds 7070 deg.] C, there will be abnormal, should stop to check, after troubleshooting can restart the crusher.


Gravel crusher machine manufacturers to develop their own equipment must be able to smoothly carry out the technical support of the premise, in various industries, want to sell their products, must do quality assurance, service perfect two. Of course, gravel is no exception, gravel machine manufacturers to do is the quality of protection, production to achieve, perfect after-sales service in one, so as to be able to sell the country.