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Analysis of Dust Sources in Sand Making Process

Sanding process due to the material itself is too low water content, will produce some dust, dust will cause pollution of the atmosphere, will make the atmosphere becomes turbid, inhaled the body will hinder the body's respiratory tract, resulting in respiratory diseases, dust emissions once exceeded, The entire air quality will be a straight line down, dust is one of the pollutants prohibited by the state.


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Dust in the process of making sand:


1, sand making machine for some of the relatively low water content of the material, the sand, the inevitable will produce some dust, these are positive production phenomenon.


2, the material in the sand after the screening and transportation will be carried out, screening, will be a lot of separation of dust and finished materials, dust at this time the discharge is relatively large.


3, after the material needs to be polished, polished and other processes, the material itself to integrate the surface, grinding process after most of the waste is dust, dust in the grinding process and polishing when the discharge will reach the maximum.


4, the finished material in the transport and handling time, there will be collision and friction, the industry will produce a certain amount of dust, but this time the amount of dust is small, the general situation, if take a more reasonable transport and loading and unloading methods, Will reduce these small amounts of dust pollution.