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Brief Description of the maintenance and operation of the vibrating screen

Vibrating screen of the simple maintenance and use of the shaker for the use of the process may be some of the problems, and how to do a brief description of the maintenance, hope that the use of the user encountered this problem can be quickly and effectively resolved.

1, although no need for lubricating oil shaker, each year still need to overhaul once, replace the liner, the two screen surface dressing and so on. Vibration motor to remove the inspection, and to the motor bearing oil, if the bearing is damaged, will have to replace.

2, the vibrating screen sieve should be regularly removed to check whether the sieve surface is broken or uneven, the mesh is blocked and so on.

3, the proposed production support frame to hang hanging sieve surface.

4, regularly check the vibrating screen seal, found that wear or defect should be replaced in time.

5, before each time to check the sieve compression device, if loose should be pressed.

6, each class to check whether the connection of the feed box is loose, if the gap becomes larger, causing the collision, will make the equipment rupture.

7, each class to check the sieve body support device to observe whether the hollow rubber pad deformation or degumming phenomenon, when the rubber pad damage or transition crushing, should also replace two hollow rubber pad.