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Sand washing machine for cleaning stone sand

 Now the use of stone sand has been constantly added to promote, in the alternative natural sand played a big role. But now because most of the stone sand is washed with a sand washing machine obtained in the process of washing the sludge discharged in the process of accumulation of sludge will give a lot of burden on the sand industry. Investment in huge amounts of money to rent farmland, the use of landfill or any inflow of rivers and seas, the sea and other methods, must damage the fertile land, serious pollution of water costs, is also the interests of the meter can not handle the question, so how to effectively summed up the use of stone powder, Turning waste into treasure, is an urgent need to deal with the question.


Sand washing machine


In order to make stone mud regeneration, turning waste into treasure, the most important thing is to deal with its curing skills doubt, because the stone particles fine, compact texture, poor water absorption, so the use of cement, lime, gypsum and other cementing materials can not reach the ambition Curing effect.


Curing principle: the amount of inorganic strong polymerization agent diluted with water and cement, stone mud, aggregate in the mixing process, the onset of glial silicate, aluminate and other products, and then by the special hydraulic brick machine high pressure , Pressure forming, the end of its curing mechanism, finished product density is good, early high strength, can immediately stripping, stacking code. Natural maintenance 15 days to 20 days to the factory. Compressive strength of up to 400 # domination (40MPa), the finished product weathering, water stability, freezing resistance and other technical indicators are in line with national standards. It is worth noting that the late strength of the finished product will continue to grow with the performance of the polymerization agent.