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Jaw crusher installation matters introduced

 Jaw crusher is one of the most commonly used crushing equipment in industrial and mining production. It is mainly used for crushing and crushing of various materials with compressive strength ≤ 320 MPa. In order to achieve the best results, the correct installation is a crucial step, then the installation of jaw crusher should pay attention to what?


Jaw crusher


1. Foundation selection
The jaw crusher must be mounted on a concrete foundation and the plate can be welded under a crusher to prevent movement of the machine. The steel girder with the crusher installed must be embedded in the concrete. The positioning block is welded to the steel frame. The height, depth and area of ​​the foundation shall be calculated separately according to the soil conditions. The foundation should be left out of the discharge chute, the slope of more than 40 °, the basis of the situation by the user according to the material and transport equipment.


2.Design of Jaw Crusher Discharge Area
After the crushing of the material discharge should not be hindered, the design of the discharge area should prevent the accumulation of materials in the crusher below. Because if the material is blocked and reached the bottom of the crusher, it will soon cause the jaw head wear, affecting the life of the jaw crusher.


3. Jaw crusher machine discharge port adjustment
When adjusting the discharge port, first release the T-bolts, then use the hydraulic jacking machine or the top bolt to open the adjustment seat, into the required thickness of the gasket, and then exit the hydraulic jacking machine or the top bolts. Move the jaw by the weight and spring force, automatically press the gasket group, and adjust the seat close to the ear, and finally lock the adjustment seat and gasket group.


4. jaw crusher spring adjustment
After adjusting the discharge port, should be appropriate to adjust the tension of the spring, the spring tension to be able to eliminate the brackets and elbow plate pad between the noise and brackets in the work is not easy to fall off is appropriate


5. Jaw crusher jaw plate selection and installation
Jaw plate must use good quality wear-resistant materials, the best surface with optimized tooth, the material used ZGMn13. In the course of the use, if the jaw plate is found to have cracked, broken signs, should immediately stop, to prevent the wear and tear of the material into the crushing chamber and damage the machine. When installed, the gap between the movable jaw and the fixed jaw plate should be desirable and tighten the bolts and nuts to prevent the jaws from slacking.


6. Jaw crusher eccentric shaft processing
Eccentric shaft by the 45 # steel system, and after quenching and tempering, the center elevation deviation of not more than 5mm, and eccentric bearings should be in the same center line, the deviation shall not be greater than 0.5mm.

Jaw crusher installation related to the operating results and service life, it must be scientific and reasonable to install, in order to achieve a multiplier effect.