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Improve the performance of circular vibrating screen

Circular vibrating screen had this question we have a recent survey and summary, a total of four basic aspects:


Circular vibrating screen

1, the use of large-size sieve: large-scale circular vibrating screen to add the oscillation and amplitude, the sieve on the impact of the material stress and shear stress to overcome the adhesion between the particles, but also reduce the obstruction of the screen surface, So that the sieve material is completed quickly, stratified and sieve. As the sieve operating conditions improve, improve the screening power. Multi-layer screen with expanded mesh. Usually single-layer sieve to guess "difficult sieve particles" and "stop particles" (larger than the sieve particles) almost all from the feed end to the discharge end, and then affect the medium and fine granular material and sieve. Use from the lower to the upper sieve gradually increased, gradually reducing the screen surface angle of the multi-layer sieve. That is not the same size of the material with different inclinations and sieve sieve surface, the upper, middle, lower sieve surface finish away from the material loose, stratified, pre-screening and fine-grained screening to overcome the blocking of the sieve , Improve the screening power.
2, the choice of equal thickness screening method: Follow the screening process, the vibration sieve surface thickness of the material gradually reduced from the feed end to the discharge end, the formation of sieve surface utilization tight loose after the unreasonable feeding appearance, This can choose different angle of the fold line screen surface, in order to control the material in the screen section has a different movement speed, vibrating screen to make the mine slope slope forward activity, and then improve the difficult sieve particles in the discharge side of the sieve timing .
3, Add screening sieve area: Oscillating screen Practice has proved that reducing the amount of material on the screen surface can improve the screening power. Screening power is highest when the amount of material on the screen is about 80% of the screen capacity. When using a sieve to make grading equipment, because of the large number of grading, it is necessary to ensure that the screening area and the properly lengthened screen surface are satisfied so that the aspect ratio of 2: 1 or more is favorable for improving the screening power.
4, choose a reasonable inclination: control the speed of material in the screen surface activity. Generally speaking, the material on the large screen surface is moving faster and the production capacity is larger but the power is lower. To obtain a higher screening power, the material on the screen surface speed is usually controlled at 0.6m / S or less, so the screen surface to maintain 15. Tilting around.