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Analysis of hydraulic cone crusher yield reduction reasons

 Most ore processing companies choose hydraulic hydraulic cone crusher reason is the yield is relatively large, if the output is reduced, is not no advantage then? That we buy hydraulic cone does not seem to make sense, zhongxin Heavy Industries hydraulic hydraulic cone crusher to reduce the production of several major reasons.


hydraulic cone crusher

1, the nature of the ore. This includes the hardness and humidity of the feedstock ore. If the hardness is too high, it will not be processed well. As a result, the time in the crushing chamber will become longer and the output will naturally become smaller. At the same time, the wear of the equipment is relatively large. Second, if the high humidity to the mineral material, the processed material easily stick to the crushing cavity wall, the output will also be reduced.
2, the degree of wear and tear of the machine cavity. The crushing process of the hydraulic cone crusher mainly depends on the crushing chamber. If the crushing chamber is worn seriously, the material can not form crushed layer, which seriously reduces the production capacity of the apparatus.
3, the fragmentation of the machine itself. The crushing force of the hydraulic cone crusher directly affects the efficiency of the equipment, which is related to the working ability of the hydraulic station of the equipment. Therefore, we should pay attention to the hydraulic station's ability when selecting the equipment, otherwise the crushing force can not be improved. Go up?
4, equipment maintenance. Any device you want to maximize effectiveness, there must be scientific and reasonable maintenance and repair measures. The same is true of hydraulic cone break. Hydraulic cone crusher mainly by the action between vertebral cone and the cone to complete the crushing work, so wear these components, the processing efficiency will come down, which requires our daily maintenance of equipment, regular replacement Spare parts to ensure the production of hydraulic cone crusher.