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The benefits of using cone crushers for gravel production lines

Sand and gravel is fundamental to promote the development of China's construction industry, but due to the relatively high hardness of raw materials for gravel, so for many customers for the latter part of the investment is still relatively large, and cone crusher and in this situation, cone crushing Machine with its strong cost-effective quickly occupied the broken market.


cone crusher

Why choose to reduce the cost of cone crusher? There are many customers who think the price of cones is too high, but this equipment is designed to buy models that are not expensive and specially designed for high-rigidity materials, which can effectively process sand and stone, and also ensure the output. The latest type of equipment used inside the hydraulic system, it is easy to adjust the crushing circuit to achieve balanced production, making crusher production efficiency to achieve the best.
At the same time the new type of cone crusher in the latter part of the operation and maintenance costs are relatively low, my company in the sealing system is the use of non-contact labyrinth seals, the collar can basically achieve wear and tear, which also improves the equipment capacity to block dust. Crusher internal wear-resistant parts are wear-resistant white tiger, thus reducing the wearing parts wear and tear, the latter part of the maintenance costs to a minimum, the use of a very cost-effective.
Zhongxin Heavy Cone crusher is also an advantage of the use of a two-way over iron protection device, effectively protect the equipment will not stop because of over-iron stuck to reduce downtime maintenance, to ensure the attendance of the equipment.