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Jaw crusher confidential adhere to routine maintenance

 With the continuous development of the current industry progresses, various metals, non-metallic minerals and other materials because of the demand for construction and expansion of the market, so the market demand for crushing equipment is also on the rise.

Jaw crusher working in engineering, power consumption, steel consumption and other energy consumption is great, can not effectively achieve energy saving effect.
Jaw crusher
In the breaking strength limit up to a certain extent, broken equipment will consume a lot of energy but it does not achieve the desired crushing effect.
Jaw crusher as the first breaking strength of a larger work, routine maintenance and maintenance once can not keep up, to a large extent will increase equipment wear and shorten the life of the jaw crusher. Currently jaw crusher plus circulation path and lubricating oil cooling system can effectively reduce equipment wear and reduce maintenance and maintenance costs of daily production.
Jaw crusher according to the hardness of the material properties, abrasive, clay content and so different, in the crushing chamber broken jaw processing power, energy consumption and optimize lining life, through the crushing cavity suitable design can be reduced relative to the spindle sliding and bouncing, excellent design performance.