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What problems should be paid attention to when installing jaw crusher?

 1. Selection of production base

The jaw crusher must be installed on the concrete foundation, and the positioning plate should be welded under the crusher to prevent the movement of the machine. The steel beam of the crusher must be buried in the concrete and the positioning block welded to the steel frame. The height, depth and area of ​​the foundation should be calculated based on soil conditions. The foundation should leave the discharge chute with a slope greater than 40 degrees. The basic situation can be determined by the user based on the materials and transportation equipment.
Jaw crusher
2, the design of the discharge area
The discharge of material after comminution should not be hindered. When designing the discharge area, the material should be prevented from accumulating under the crusher. Because if the material is clogged and reaches the bottom of the crusher, it will quickly cause wear on the ankle and affect the life of the jaw crusher.
3. Adjustment of the port of discharge
After the relief port is adjusted, loosen the T-bolt, then use the hydraulic lift or top bolt to open the adjustment seat, replace the required thickness of the gasket, and then remove the hydraulic jack or top bolt. The movable 自动 automatically compresses the washer set by its own weight and spring force, and adjusts the seat tightly to the ear seat, and then locks the adjustment seat and the washer set.
4, adjust the spring
After adjusting the spout, the tension of the spring should be adjusted appropriately. The tension of the spring eliminates the noise between the bracket and the elbow pad, and the bracket is not easy to fall off during operation.
5, the selection and installation of the seesaw
The quality of the jaws must be chosen as a good wear resistant material. ZGMn13 is recommended to optimize the surface. During use, if a jaw fracture or fracture is found, stop the machine immediately to prevent debris from entering the crushing chamber and damaging the machine. During installation, the clearance between the movable jaw and the fixed jaw should meet the requirements. Tighten the bolt and nut to prevent the fastener from loosening and the jaw to jump.
6, the processing of the eccentric shaft
The eccentric shaft consists of 45 steel cars. After quenching and tempering, the center height deviation should not exceed 5 mm. Eccentric bearings should be on the same centerline and the deviation should not be greater than 0.5mm.