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Reasons for the breakage of the impact crusher bracket

The impact crusher bracket is a consumable part. It is mainly cast by cast steel material with low strength. In the work, the fracture of the bracket will inevitably occur. The fracture of the bracket directly affects the normal work and working efficiency of the crusher. In order to change this situation, we must find out the reasons and give corresponding countermeasures.


impact crusher

1. The main engine is overloaded: when the crusher is in operation, if the operator overloads the main engine or the size of the ore is larger than the inlet, these two conditions will cause the bracket to break. In this case, the bracket should be replaced. Control the granularity of the feed and prevent overloading of the host.
2. The strength of the bracket is low: the material of the bracket of the equipment is mostly cast from cast steel with low strength. Due to insufficient strength, it is difficult to reach the crushing force of normal crushing and elbow when encountering non-broken material. Plate breakage.
3. Breakage of the tensioning device: If the tensioning device breaks, the bracket is released from the supporting slider, causing the flywheel to rotate, the crusher does not work, and the fracture of the bracket is also generated. Therefore, the fracture should be replaced or repaired in time. Tensioning device.
4. There is no balance between the bracket and the bracket: when the bracket is installed, if the bracket and the bracket are not leveled or skewed, the bracket will be broken, so the bracket is installed and replaced. The brackets should be properly installed.