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How to reduce the maintenance cost of the jaw crusher?

The jaw of the jaw crusher is one of the wearing parts. The wear of the jaw plate brings a lot of maintenance work, which not only consumes time and labor, but also seriously affects the production and reduces the economic benefits of the enterprise. Let's take a look at how to reduce the wear and tear of the jaw crusher and extend its service life.



1. Install wear-resistant lining. Since the jaw crusher is subjected to huge crushing force and material friction by the working chamber composed of the moving jaw and the fixed jaw, we can install the wear-resistant lining on the surface of the movable jaw and the fixed raft to reduce the friction of the material on the raft. Reduce wear and tear.
 2. Install the seesaw correctly. When installing the raft, it is necessary to ensure correct and stable installation, so that the contact between the raft and the machine surface is stable, and the work is stable and reliable. Otherwise, it is easy to cause the seesaw to shift during work, causing the seesaw to collide with the inner wall of the machine and be seriously damaged.
3. Improve the manufacturing quality of the seesaw. The higher the hardness of the slab material, the smaller the deformation of the slab surface material. The better the toughness of the slab material, the better the fracture resistance. It can be seen that the material of the raft is preferably made of a material with high hardness and good toughness. In the manufacturing process, the manufacturing quality of the raft is to be improved to improve the wear resistance of the raft.
4. Strictly control the feeding specifications. The nature of the material is obvious to the wear of the raft, so we should strictly control the feed specification and prohibit excessive material from entering the machine. In addition, the feeding should be uniform, otherwise the inclination angle of the lower hopper in the crushing chamber will be too large, and the impact of the moving cymbal indirectly with the material will cause serious damage to the raft. In addition, it is necessary to prohibit the occurrence of iron over the machine.
5. Use reliable safety devices. The bracket protection device is not reliable, so we should choose the electronic safety device, which has the correct and reliable action, no need to replace the insurance parts, and reduce the maintenance workload and labor intensity. It has the advantages of a wide range of applicable models and low cost.
 6. Material blockage is prohibited. When material clogging occurs in the jaw crusher, the sliding of the material under the squeegee extrusion increases, which aggravates the wear of the raft, and the wear of the raft is further increased, and the blockage of the material is more serious. Form a vicious circle. Therefore, it is necessary to prohibit the blockage of materials in the machine and find that the blockage is cleaned up in time.